Your favorite flying fox is finally back and streaming games again. Be sure to come have fun with me on Twitch!
We still lack a resolution to our property problems, though we have a few updates about where things stand.
The concept of a "smart contract" can be confusing at first. We look at what they really are — and why they have that name.
The Merge is coming, and there are massive misunderstandings around its purpose and value.
Today is my 34th birthday. Though plagued with other problems, because of events in 2001, I struggle to feel truly safe accepting gifts.
We have released our first short story, which provides a broad overview of the lore of Wandering Witches, published for anyone to read as a collectible…
After saving our farm in January, we face losing it again. But we are hopeful we can secure it forever once and for all.
NFTs that reveal after mint may seem complex, but a little bit of Solidity magic makes it quite an easy trick to do.
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